Lead Music Composer on an indie horror feature film (2017-2018):

Composed the entire background score for The Ring Around the Rose (2018), an American, feature-length horror film.
I used a lot of orchestral elements and tension stings in the composition of this score.

Composed the music and came up with the concept for this baby food commercial:

This was quite a hands-on project. After getting in contact with the client, a baby food manufacturer from Muscat, Oman, I set about creating the script for the commercial. I also chose the animator and worked closely with him to score the music as well as record the dialogues in the commercial.

University​ Fashion Show 2018

Had the opportunity to compose for a Catwalk at the University of Hertfordshire Fashion show 2018.

This process meant thinking of my music not as a standalone track, but as part of a collaboration. I met with the fashion designer Adesewa and worked around her vision which was a modern spin on traditional Nigerian garments.

The composition was heavily inspired by the music of Fela Kuti, one of Nigeria's most influential musicians who created a genre called Afrobeat which combined traditional Nigerian percussion with big band jazz and funk reminiscent of James Brown.


Being a big fan of Fela's music myself, I was able to create that infectious groove that his music is known for using various African percussive instruments and a funky guitar riff. I also added elements of modern Afrobeat which uses trap-influenced beats and 808 drum to beef up the track.

Starts at 34:52

Curator of the show Fresh as Fungus on the online radio station BoxoutFM

Fresh as Fungus is an hour-long monthly show that features obscure music from all around the world from artists long-forgotten by history.

I curate the mixes for the show from my own collection of digital music and records with the focus being on bringing forgotten gems to the attention of modern day listeners. The show is jam-packed with music from obscure jazz to Nigerian Afrobeat, Cuban Son music, French Zeuhl, English Canterbury and Prog, Japanese City Pop, Brazilian MPB and Tropicália, German Krautrock, Italian Library Music and much more.

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